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Zhiyun Rider-M 3-axis Gimbal for GoPro

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Zhiyun Rider-M 3-axis Gimbal for GoPro - RIDER-M is a highly portable and wearable stabilizer specially designed for outdoor enthusiast and adventure sports photographers/videographers, mountable by almost all standard action cameras with size of 42.3x30mm, including GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5, as well as Xiaomi Yi camera. With a standard ¼” threaded hole at the bottom, it is compatible with various add-ons of photographic accessories, allowing freehand capture for even extreme motion scenes.


OBS! GoPro-kamera følger ikke med


Real-time Display Monitor
Designed with a 3.5mm video output port on its side, RIDER-M allows connection to an external display monitor that the user can easily see and check camera image for real-time angle adjustments thru mobile APP or a dedicated remote control. Get ready to unlock more creative visual angles by placing RIDER-M on any mounting base at any shooting spot you like.
NOTE: Bluetooth remote control is available within the periphery of 10 meters radius in absence of electromagnetic interference (actual operation condition depends on the site environment).


3 Control Modes & 1-sec Angle Lock
To the greatest facilitation for outdoor creativities, RIDER-M’s 3-axis stabilizing system is designed with 3 classic gimbal control modes – PAN FOLLOWING, LOCKING and FOLLOWING MODE. Through simple mode, switch users can make much easier angle adjustment for instant capture of moments without compromising camera stability. In addition, the unique 1-sec angle lock feature of RIDER-M allows manual setting of camera angle by simply turning the camera to a desired position for a second, and the system will auto lock that specific attitude for a quick & accurate snap.


±320 Wide Shooting Angles
Featuring double-stopper design, RIDER-M presents a ±320 wide shooting angle flexibility while realizing an ideal stabilizing effect with minimized gimbal inertia, optimized quick response system and smooth rotation using high-precision sine-wave vector motor controllers.


Precise • Stable • Fast
Integrated with an independent IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) as the gimbal’s control center featuring high-speed MCU parallel control technology, enabling fast and precise calculation of and feedback to camera attitude and movement, RIDER-M performs with perfect smoothness, agility and silent rotations to make capturing of dramatic shots much easier.


Better Efficiency & Lower Consumption
Well-tuned by ZHIYUN self-innovated Instune Algorithm and empowered by optimized high-torque motor control technology, RIDER-M helps users capturing stunning live streams with unparalleled smoothness. Its extraordinary steadiness eliminates subtle shakes even when zoomed in x5 in display.


  • Easy Mounting Design
    RIDER-M allows very easy manual setup with thumbscrew fixing & securing design for convenient installation of both camera and batteries that it only takes you less than 1 min. to get ready for work.
  • Military-industrial Quality
    Processed through high-precision CNC machining technology with full aluminum alloy construction, RIDER-M is made compact, robust and highly portable through stringent military-industrial-level tests, including 10-minute high frequency vibration test and extreme temperature tests, presenting unparalleled product quality.
  • Firmware Upgradeable via APP
    By connecting RIDER-M to the dedicated mobile APP via Bluetooth, the users not only can make real-time angle controls of the stabilizer, but are also allowed to operate on-line firmware upgrading to keep all performances of RIDER-M up to date.
  • Comprehensive Performance in small size
    Although compactly designed, RIDER-M has integrated all great features that best represent ZHIYUN products. From easy camera mounting and dismounting design, convenient 3.5mm video output, real-time Bluetooth remote control, to its extraordinary stabilizing performance with 3 classic smart control modes, RIDER-M offers you a comprehensive solution for outdoor motion imaging and filming creativities.


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